The company ProElektronika was founded in 2009. Our co-operation with customers ranges from contracting to development, design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning, to consulting and supply of equipment which we represent. With a staff mostly consisting of skilled engineers and technicians, whose knowledge and experience cover the complete range of hardware and software within the scope of our activities, we offer complet solution to our customers.

We supply and install the equipment of world-class manufacturers, and our software solutions are based on products of leading software companies on customer request aspart of delivery. In addition to this, our engineers have accumulated vast know-how in automation of specific technological areas, such as food and beverage, wood industry, transporatation and handlying systems, etc.

The principal company activities are as following:

  • Representation and distribution of our partners products
  • Design anddigitalisation of electrical documentation
  • Standardization of electrical documentation with EPLAN P8 or Engineering Base CAE software
  • Consulting and engineering
  • Support for products that we promote with our partners
  • Programming of industrial systems
  • PLC and SCADA programming
  • IT services (business and process systems)
  • Assembling, mounting and commissioning
  • Service maintenance

More details about the company activities can be found on other parts of the webpage.